Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 SONA

Three days have passed after our president delivered his last state of nation address to the Filipino people.  I saw one of the congressmen of Davao City whom I believe my fellow Davaoeños voted for him to represent us.  The familiar faces, beautiful gowns, poker faces and a feeling that someone out there will give another show to impress or annoy were running on my mind.

Again, freedom of expression was used in a manner to get attention to all.  Of course, right after the SONA, I have seen posts about their ill-mannered behaviour of these militant representatives. As usual, they are criticized because they are not really useful, but a threat that will endanger the lives especially the people they are using in the streets fighting as if they know the whole story.  I pity how sorry they are for their lives while my family and I are contended.

We are not rich, but my parents' hard work, my choice and PNOY's governance are the keys why we have food in our table, secured environment and freedom so we can enjoy the things this country could bring.  To be honest, I was really confused if these people really tried hard to better their lives.  I can say that my parents are the living testament that hard work is the reason that we have a good life.  They came from poor families as well.  They are from Visayas and tried their luck in Mindanao.  They never have forgotten their promise by not letting us experience what they have gone through.  Luckily, they were employed even if they are not college graduates.  Their low salaries were used in different small businesses until all of us graduated in college.  It took two decades of hardship, but I witnessed that my parents did not blame the government about being poor.  Just recently, my father had his cataract operation in a government hospital using his Senior Citizen and Phil health ID's leaving us to pay only 300.00 pesos.  We owe it to the government and we are really grateful that it didn't cost us much.  My husband's company vastly expands here in General Santos City which I really believe will help the unemployed workers.  I have seen many building constructions around Davao City that is an indication that our economy is really good.  But, how come others complain? Are they lazy?  Are their parents lazy?  I do not know.

Based on my experiences five years ago, I can say I did it right.  My vote was worth it.  I become more proud now when I learned that other countries are noticing our improvement already and they are willing to visit as tourist and some will invest are big deals.  I can't wait for future development in my country.  I just hope that our government will find ways to stop these militant groups of doing nonsense.  I hope soon.  If others want to abolish the partylist, well, I am waiting.

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