Monday, July 27, 2015

Farm Life

Yesterday, our travel was to pay respect to our late Nanay in Basiawan.  She was one who took us while we were in our school vacation in their beautiful farm before.  Until now I can still remember how we spent our childhood years. This is one of the places we chose if school vacation arrives.  It was a beautiful experience.  Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to a person who taught us to be simple in spite how landed they are.

 photo farmlife_zpsjqot4zsk.jpg 

Basiawan is part of Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur. We travelled for about two hours from Davao City and welcomed with a sumptuous lunch.  It was like a reunion.  We do not normally do this and sad to say we did it because of it.

 photo farmlife2_zpsxoj6tox8.jpg

Anyway, my sister decided to bring her kids with us.  Even how tight the car space was, we manage to sacrifice because we also wanted to let them experience how we live there.  We wanted them to see that urban life is not the only place on earth.  It was also a perfect time to introduce them to their cousins that we hardly see.  They saw how farm kids enjoy their simple life.  They are amazed how they prepare their food that came from their garden. 

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Visiting the place again made me realize how happy I was.  I want to visit it again and I am sure that our mother will be delighted to hear it since she will be again reunited with her brothers, sister and childhood friends.

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Honestly, I want to live in a farm when I retire.  Hubby loves it, too.  I am hoping that we can get our own.

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