Monday, July 13, 2015

Part of the Family

The joy of having dogs for me is priceless.  Even before I was a child, I experience the happiness it brought to my life.  I guess my lenient side that my previous boss and hubby use to describe me,  comes from them.  I see life as a gift and nothing else.

 photo dog_zpsw8if0ezb.jpeg

I want everyone to know that my hubby and I are living with three dogs around.

 photo dog1 1_zpsuav4v3ob.jpg


Since we do not have a baby yet, these dogs are mainly the source of our joy.  We admit that we are already attached to them.  Whenever we plan for a vacation, the well-being of our dogs comes first.  Like children, we want someone to oversee them while we are not around.  That is how we care for them because they give us unexplainable happiness to our household.

I can't imagine life without dogs.

Bartolome and Bruno

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