Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Big One

Hubby and I talks about many things.   Like our plans in the future, our dreams and concerns and even big news from local and abroad.

When we heard about the possible killer earthquake that will hit Metro Manila and in Davao Region we honestly admit that we are scared.  Because of this, hubby reminds me what to do and where to go if ever I am alone in the house both in Davao and General Santos City.

Part of disaster awareness, I remember we had our fire drills before when I was working.  More or less it also serves as our earthquake drill I guess.  Unlike fire drills, whenever a small quake hit us, we are all scattered to different exits basing on what we feel we are safe.  Of course, I cannot forget that we end up giggling because I treated it as a small problem while others were bringing their important belongings with them.  It didn't alarm me at all, but what if?

I was very curios why they come up with the "the big one".  I searched it through the internet and read about Metro Manila's West ValleyFault and the two active faults in Davao City.  Yes, earthquakes cannot be predicted.  However, our geologists can base it through our history that is why they are very serious that we should be prepared.  Anytime now it could happen, no one knows.

Just now, I heard that they are planning national earthquake drills.  Some cities in Luzon, were already doing it .  Hubby reminded me again about our exits as well as his welfare if he is in duty.

It reminds me also to secure our important documents, first-aid kits, needed things if ever we are bound to evacuate like necessary food and clothes.

I hope everybody will do the same.

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