Friday, August 7, 2015

New Lifestyle

Residing here in GSC made us thought of doing the same thing. I mean going to the gym together is one of our bonding moments nowadays. Unlike when we were in Davao, I am the only one who loves to workout. My hubby stresses that his fieldwork was already enough for him until we found out that it was not. So, we decided to enroll ourselves immediately to a fitness center.

 photo mertolifestyle_zpsvfgmavn9.jpeg 

We chose "Metrolifestyle" as our new playground here in GSC. Of course, we follow separate programs according to our needs and slowly we learn to adapt. Yes, during our first month it was really a struggle. I admit it, but now it is already okay. Our first 30 minutes is primarily doing cardio workouts and that includes treadmill and cycling. Right after, we do our weights located on the ground floor area.  It is where we want to have lean and strong muscles. Fitness instructors are always there to guide so they can tell us also what to do during the day.  Our weights session consumes more or less half an hour and then we go to do cardio again for another 30 minutes.   Sometimes, I mix it doing Zumba once in a while in a week and soon maybe I will try Yoga.

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If you have a chance visiting this fitness center, you can check the schedule below for more information:

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Part of working out is to make sure that our footwear is comfortable for us. For me, I am contended with my old Nike shoes while hubby purchase a new pair of Salomon wishing he will not get sore feet after every activity and gladly it does.

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I can say hubby and I are very serious now to change our lifestyle and that includes our diet as well and I am so happy. Thank you God for answering my prayer that hubby agree to this challenge. 

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