Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mati, Davao Oriental

Going to Mati City is almost a four hours drive from Davao City. Our visit last Sunday with my family was not planned at all. We grab the chance that hubby was using an L300 van last weekend because his pick-up was in the shop for scheduled maintenance. I thought that it would be a good idea to travel with a big group.

Of course since we've been to Mati many times, we act like as their tourist guides that day. We took some pictures of them as their remembrance of their unforgettable trip of one the beautiful spots of Davao Oriental.

 photo davao oriental_zpssvcygmdx.jpg

 photo sleeping dinosaur_zpst3lyg0wd.jpg
Before reaching the city proper, my niece had a chance to see the "sleeping dinosaur".  She shared that it was discussed by their teacher lately.  She was so happy and can't wait to share it with her friends that she saw it in person at last.  

 photo subangan_zpss15u37ga.jpg

At Subangan Museum.

 photo spermWhale_zpscwmv6jqe.jpg
Letting them see the city's museum is one way of educating them about the place they are visiting.

 photo subangan1_zpsuaerzchw.jpg
 photo dahican_zpsigylab4l.jpg
Until now, I still don't have the courage to swim the famous Dahican waters.  The strong wavy waters scare me a lot.  Viewing it is okay for me.  I'll just let the surfers and skimboarders have this as their playground. Hehehe

 photo ilovemati_zpsw0gmanqa.jpg
At their Baywalk Park

  photo MatiDelicacy_zpsdadkflum.jpg
Before going home, don't forget to drop by at Seaside Restaurant.  Aside from their affordable meals, their Empanada and Lumpia are the famous delicacies in Mati.  I can vouch that they are good "pasalubongs" for your loved ones.

 photo matiroad_zpsabkwjdye.jpg

If you're in Davao, please include Mati City as part of your itinerary.  Like my family, I am confident you will have fun as well.  For more details please visit their website HERE.

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