Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Surprising Singapore

For three years, we decided to lie-low our travels.  Apart from hubby’s new and big responsibility in his new career, we were also prioritizing settling more important things first.  Our usual road trips are even spared knowing hubby’s fuel allocation will take us to many destinations in Mindanao.  Many of my friends were wondering why hubby and I were not seen traveling.  I admit I miss our road trips together.  I miss the airport.  I miss riding in a plane.  I miss packing.  I miss everything.  The only thing I am very thankful for is that God didn’t leave us in times of trial.  I know that he has better plans for us and it happened late last year at last.
To be honest, I never dreamed going to other country this early.  What I really wanted is to go to Boracay that was cancelled last May due to hubby’s schedule.  I wanted to visit Palawan and Batanes.  My dream is to travel my country first, which is the Philippines before going out to other foreign places.

But, God through my hubby have better plans for me.  Hubby’s ultimate dream for me is to experience traveling abroad.  Every time he has his trip outside the country, he always imagines that I am with him.  Sounds cheesy, but he is really like that.  I am so blessed.


I booked our plane tickets and our accommodations online.  Our plane ticket was booked through Cebu Pacific Air while our accommodations in Singapore was booked through   All of these were printed aside having all of it on my Iphone's Wallet.  I didn't overpack so we only brought one luggage and my handbag.  Hubby has his Samsonite passport and ticket holder that can be hanged all around his neck.

 photo bagsingapore_zps5lqjutsx.jpg 

What we did:  I printed two copies each of our tickets and accommodation with labels for emergency if ever we will be 

 photo ticketsSingapore_zpskbzfyb1u.jpg


We arrived at exactly 9:30 in the evening of December 3, 2015, Thursday.  It was a delayed flight and one of our scheduled tours was cancelled that day.  Well, it is okay.  We arrived safely and that was more important for me.  I have no problems with the immigration.  They were all kind, but of course I was nervous because it was my first time.  I answered politely that I am with my husband and it was my first time to visit Singapore.

What we did:  We brought US dollars for higher exchange rate to Singapore dollars.  

Transportation is not a problem.  Like in the Philippines, there are taxis and private vehicle for hire outside the airport.  But, there is no need to worry because in Singapore they are not corrupt.  We rode a private vehicle for hire going to our hotel and paid what was showed in the meter.  I still remember how amazed I was that night because my hubby was right that Singapore streets are surrounded by many trees.  I forgot that I was not able to notice that we were riding a Mercedes Benz.  Forgive me, but even we were approaching this small country I was too busy looking for the Marina Bay and Sands Hotel and the Singapore Flyer.  I was very happy when I saw them even if I am still in the plane above.  Hahahahah

Park View Hotel

We were accommodated well during our arrival.  The receptionist was friendly and gave our keys after we presented our confirmed tickets and passports.  Our room was small yet I find it very homey because it was clean and the bedding was great.  At first, I was very hesitant knowing the hotel is old, but my friend's advice was right that it is maintained well.  We have free breakfast during our stay.  I remember what I enjoyed most was their overflowing coffee, fresh milk, toasted breads and unlimited butter.

The hotel is located along Beach Road, which is walking distance going to the famous Merlion Park and Marina Square.  Moreover, it is conveniently near a train station and a bus stop.


 photo Marina Square_zpsztixngzc.jpg

Even if hubby already visited Singapore before, he was not tired of roaming again the beautiful country with me.  In fact, our late arrival didn't prevent us from visiting Singapore Flyer and Marina Square.  The safety of the country was amazing as we walked the city streets without fear.  The streets are clean and as tourist we follow traffic rules so we will not get caught.  We were afraid of their CCTV's.  Hahahaha

Unfortunately, the Merlion was not functioning during our visit.  I joked hubby that he was responsible or I guess  the Merlion knows that he is coming that is why it didn't work like during his first visit.  Well, I hope this May will not be the same again.  (Cross-fingers)

 photo Merlion_zpscnegqwic.jpg

Hubby let me experienced the cable ride from Faber Peak to Sentosa. We went to Universal Studios and promised to visit it again as we were so happy when we had our "Transformers ride".  The heavy rain in the afternoon was the main reasons why we haven’t finished our Sentosa  itinerary on our third day.  But, it was still awesome.  I feel like I am a kid again.

 photo Universal Studios_zpsopcytzs4.jpg

We are very grateful that we have friends in Singapore.  They gave us a quick siteseeing of the tourist sites located within the city and taught us how to ride a train.  I realize how cheap it was than our usual taxis every day.  Well, I understand hubby.  He loves to converse with Singapore drivers because they are very generous in giving tips and sharing stories about their beloved country.  Based on our experience, all of them speak well in English. 

 photo TrainSingapore_zpsquh9ojqp.jpg

Until now, even how short our trip was, I cannot forget the fast escalators where we were advised to stay on the left side to give way to people who are in a hurry.  Moreover, because I live in Davao, the 90kph bothers me a lot.  The driver was smiling and told me not to worry because they will not swerve.

I admit I fell in love with the country because of its cleanliness and safety.  Their discipline is admirable that I wish my countrymen should imitate.  I am praying that someday we can be like them and  I'm confident about that.

What we did:  We bought our souvenir products in China Town.  They are indeed very cheap.

Hubby was right.  Like him, I will consider this country an option to unwind.  I can't wait to visit it again.  I know I have more things to see and learn about this promising place in Asia.

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