Thursday, February 18, 2016

D & C

It was last Friday that I was informed to undergo Dilatation & Curettage immediately.  My abnormal bleeding was the reason that my doctor suggested it.

I really thought that my bleeding will just last for two days. It started within my ovulation period or right after it. But then, it continued for more than 10 days so I felt that I have to consult it. I was with my hubby when I went to my Ob-Gyn. He is a male doctor, but I'm comfortable with him. He had me checked through speculum and later he wanted to be sure so I undergo another test, which is the TVS. He also performs the test because he is also a Sonologist so through it he gave us an instruction that I that I must be admitted last Monday morning.

It was not easy.  Both of us cried.  Hubby was afraid for me.  My feeling that I was not able to take care of him during my recovery worries me so much.  But, I have to.  My doctor told us that the procedure will prevent me from having a serious illness like cancer if ignored.

 photo dextrose_zpslrzbr12z.jpg

We arrived at 5:00am in the morning at Davao Doctors Hospital. My scheduled D & C was at 12:00 noon. But, before I went to the operating room, I was asked to do some test and that includes CBC, Urinalysis and Skin Test. If others were afraid of Skin Test to determine my allergies if any, well, don't count me in. I can attest that it is bearable than putting a dextrose. One thing I remember that I shed tears when I was injected on my shoulder to sedate or keep me calm one hour before I go to the operating room. I was still conscious when I was in the operating room. I weed three times because of nervousness. Hehehhehe. The last time I remembered was I heard one person telling me that she will inject something to make me sleep. Honestly, I never felt the anaesthesia that was injected to me at the back near my spinal cord. I woke up around 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon and I don't feel any pain, but chills. They told me told me it was a normal effect of the anaesthesia to numb my half body during the procedure. I was groggy that time when I was transferred into my room. It was fast and I thank God that it was finished. The doctor visited me on the following day and he said that I don't have to worry now. Hubby and I were relieved.

 photo skin test_zpsro6l54kc.jpg

I am so grateful that the hospital staff, friends, my sister and of course hubby were there to comfort me in this trying time.  I can't believe that it is over.

I'm back to my normal life again.  Thank you, God.

"God is always faithful to His words. Do your part and have faith in Him, He will never let you down."


  1. I hope you're okay now girl... My prayers are with you both. Hoping for a positive result after this procedure..

    1. thanks don...we're back now to day 1 again. God is good.