Saturday, February 6, 2016

Legoland Malaysia

Because we were in Singapore that time, we didn't miss of course to visit Legoland Malaysia.

 photo Johor Bahru_zpsvkvaocps.jpg

There are taxis in Ban San Street in Singapore that are willing to drive the tourist directly to Legoland via Johor Bahru. This is the best option to avoid hassle without walking through checkpoint. It took us two hours from Singapore upon reaching our destination and that includes the long queue of vehicles passing a short query at the immigration before entering Malaysia. Moreover, we are advised that we have to travel during weekdays to avoid heavy traffic during weekends where most of the Malaysian workers go home.

 photo Legoland Malaysia1_zpsdti2swuq.jpg

Legoland is located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We arrived exactly at 10:00 am in the morning and as newbie's we didn't waste our time. Hubby and I are fan of Lego. We are so amazed of what we saw and that includes the display of Asian Best Landmarks in their Miniland that were made of Lego. Isn't it fantastic?

 photo Legoland Malaysia_zpslssdjkrw.jpg
Port Tanjung Pelapas(Malaysia),Changi Airport(Singapore), Taj Mahal (India)

 photo Legoland_Phils_zpsbs3qxqcz.jpg
Representing the Philippines Bolinao, Pangasinan inspired

Legoland never failed to amaze hubby because when we were there we had the chance to see Star Wars Miniland as well. I can really attest that he enjoyed each features including the short film.

 photo Star Wars_zpshyb4asv8.jpg

We are afraid of rides so we decided to skip it.  We were contented viewing the area like kids and I can't ignore wishing that hopefully someday that my nieces and nephews will be going to experience it as well. 

 photo Legoland Malaysia2_zpsbuebk0jt.jpg

I begin to wonder why are the famous themed parks are not built in the Philippines so we don't need travel so far? Mmmmmmmm..... I hope someday...

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