Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tabebuia Rosea or Trumpet Tree

 photo alaCherryBlossoms_zpsjbb9icec.jpg

One of the reasons why I want to visit Korea and Japan are their Cherry Blossoms. It was last Sunday that I was so happy to see a tree that looks like it from a far. It is very amazing that I can find a tree that bears flowers in our country. This flowering tree is located in Malandag,Saranggani Province, which is near my hubby's banana plantation. Actually, there are plenty of trees like this within the area, but I don't remember that this kind of tree is now use in our parks. If ever, this will be one of the possible reasons to invite local tourist during these months to enjoy viewing and take pictures before going to other country.

 photo alaCherryBlossoms1_zpsjbwxrxna.jpg

I just learned that Tabebuia Rosea is native in Mexico and other countries in Central America. It is also noted that this tree is a national tree of El Salvador. Moreover, I found out that this tree also treats sickness like reducing fever and pain. For more info visit the other sites here and here.

More pictures below:

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