Monday, March 7, 2016

7 Falls and Lake Sebu

 photo 7Falls_zpsjg3tnfe2.jpg

Nature connectedness was the idea of the birthday celebrant to mark his 25th birthday. He is my hubby's executive assistant and we were happy that his friends and his own family enjoyed what we have in store for them. The kids were delighted to see true falls even it was not that heavy flowing because of El NiƱo.

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Hikong Alu (first falls) and Hikong Bente (second falls) are the two falls that can be seen without riding the zipline.

 photo 7Falls2_zpsjfkm3kmu.jpg

Because our group was composed of having brave hearts, thus, riding a zipline was not a problem at all just to see the remaining five falls down under. 

 photo 7Falls1_zps3xqzhh3e.jpg

On the other hand, having our lunch in a Lake Cruise was a different experience for most of us. Cruising in Lake Sebu is one of the highlights of Punta Isla resort.

 photo LakeCruise2_zpsbgdfq8wx.jpg

The total area of Lake Sebu is approximately 89,138 hectares where Tibolis are living. The best part of our cruise was that it was entertaining and educational at the same time. We have learned that Lake Sebu is not composed of stagnant waters and it goes through to the famous seven falls. The cruise itself is hosted by pure Tibolis that I find it very amazing. During the cruise they shared their traditional dance and music that I want everybody to experience as well. The whole cruise is totally different from our Loboc experience in Bohol. 

 photo LakeCruise_zpscwmojntm.jpg

 photo LakeCruise1_zpslq58xlja.jpg

We ended our tour with a joyful heart that they want to visit it again next time. Well, thank you Rennel for the sumptuous lunch.

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