Saturday, March 5, 2016

Boodle Fight

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Boodle fight is very popular nowadays. I remember it was my birthday this year that I had my first Boodle Fight in a famous hotel in GenSan. Yes, even hotels and restaurants offer this kind of feast that people are happy to eat using bare hands. Hubby told me that it reminded him during his PMA days where they were so hungry after training. He said that it is a sign of unity and camaraderie among fellow aspirants. This is a Filipino tradition in the Philippine Military.

Last night, hubby had a get-together with his managers and supervisors to celebrate the promotion of one of his colleagues. The person that was newly promoted treated them all with a sumptuous Boodle Fight that everyone enjoyed. Seeing them is an indication how they love their working relationship under my hubby's farm management. Blessing indeed! Thank you, God.

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