Friday, March 25, 2016

Kee's Cafe

After one year of living here in Gensan, we finally dined at Kee's Cafe owned by no other than Manny Pacquiao's Family.

 photo jinkees cafe_zpsdi3pmm3s.jpg

Well, the late advise of the staff of Dahilayan is the main reason not to pursue our plan in going there. We were on their waiting list, however, the 4:00 pm call was too late for us to travel from GenSan to Bukidnon or even if we were in Davao that time. We simply accepted the fact that we will be spending our Holy Week again in GenSan. Amidst of the many temptations in our house that time -internet access and computer games, I was able to free myself from social media and gaming to read the Book of Job and the Book of Revelation. And, I am so happy I did it. Hubby and I also pray the rosary as much as possible even we are tempted not to do it and just sleep. Now,  I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books written in the Bible soon.

Anyway, on the other hand, both of us enjoyed their juicy burger

 photo burger_zpshunakava.jpg

  and their spaghetti.

 photo spagg_zpslb3kymyv.jpg

Can't wait to try their other dishes soon as they didn't fail our hungry stomachs during this first visit. Hehehehhe

Kee's Cafe is located on the ground floor area of Roadhaus Hotel, Aparente St., General Santos City,  South Cotabato.


  1. Nice one girl! If you happen to be in Davao on Fridays, I invite you to join the Feast. It's praise and worship for Catholics. It's similar to how we attend Sunday service mass for non-Catholics. Songs and praise.. more on word of God.. very uplifting and moving...