Monday, April 4, 2016


Meet our new dogter named Brenda. Isn't she cute? Before, we thought of selling her, but our dog-parent instinct wanted her to be part of the family. She is the only daughter of our Mini Pinscher named Bartolome. She has two siblings that were left along with their mother. Since we refuse to accept stud payment arrangement, we offer if we could have a puppy share instead so that is why we have her.

Based on our experience, Miniature Pinscher is the noisiest dog in our household. He acts as our alarm system whenever there are some people near our house gate. He is very confident that he can manipulate even our Belgian Malinois to bow down. At first, we were afraid of their behaviour because of their aggressive type. However, we are so lucky we have a Belgian that is so humble and tries to ignore their petty behaviour. On the other hand, Mini Pins are also the sweetest to their owners. The way they show their greetings whenever we arrive in the house is something I always look forward to. Even if they are small they can jump higher just to hug you.  For me, it is the most sweetest action I love about them.

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