Friday, April 29, 2016

Pinoy Stories: Mang Driver's Strategy

Who would have thought that wakes are the chances of some families to eat good food nowadays?

Well, hubby and I rode a taxi just recently and the driver shared his amazing idea on how he raises his family.  He works early in the morning until late midnight to feed his family and send his children to school.  Of course, he makes sure to eat well to sustain him from long and tiring day finding passengers on the streets.  He believes that he should not get sick and feeding his stomach with sumptuous food will help him become more energetic.  However, he can't afford to give his family of what he eats every day.  Hence, bringing them in wakes and fiestas are the chances that they can eat good food far from their household.  The important thing for him that he can sustain the very basic needs for them.

He humbled me.

On that instant I thought that he also wishes to give more to his family, but for me he did great.  I know that his hardship is temporary and he will reap what he sowed in.

You know, I was right.

We were delighted when he happily told us that he already has a licensed teacher and she is helping him right now in financing her other siblings because of that strategy.

Pinoy it is. ☺  Kudos!

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