Saturday, April 9, 2016

Travel Souvenirs

Aside from books, hubby's fondness of collecting souvenirs is part of his agenda right now. Although he already travelled overseas before, I never thought he will be interested in buying this kind of things like I do. These souvenirs above are now displayed in his mini-conference room that he can proudly say he has been to.  Obviously, it describes how fascinated he is about the country's history including its rulers.  But unlike him, I love collecting ref magnets. I guess this is the most common souvenirs that most of us love nowadays. Key chain still never loses its popularity along with shirts and tea-cups or mugs. They are also the must-bought items in the market up to now.

How about you? What are your collections?

Singapore and Malaysia magnets are the only places I have been to.  The rest are from hubby and my friends.  Well, thank you guys for helping me fill my ref with your adorable magnets.  I can't wait for another magnet from your travels again.  Hehehehehhe


  1. Ohhhhh, you should have told me u love ref magnets. I could hav bought one for you when i went to Sagada for a vacay. But unlike yours, my collection is more on my local travels than that of overseas. I would think about u next time when i see ref magnets to help u fill that fridge. Ahahahaha