Monday, May 30, 2016

Pinedahood Diaries - Singapore &(a Little Malaysia) Edition

We are back in Davao!

We arrived in the Philippines at exactly 2:00 am yesterday. Of course, we are a little bit tired yet we are looking forward to seeing our loved ones at home. Hubby decided to stay in Davao to rest and headed to GSC this morning.

Our four-day trip is not enough for us to roam the entire country. We already experienced tired feet even during our second day. Nevertheless, we opted to follow visiting the listed spots written in our itinerary and I realized to grab the moment where we are able to do this than wait until our retirement. It was very exhausting, but I know it will be more exhausting if we wanted to visit a place and we are not able to do so because we are already old. No regrets!

My siblings wanted to visit it again. I am so happy that they are happy too. I guess hubby and I are effective tourist guides. Hahahahhaha

Thank you Singapore for the tiring yet memorable moments with you.  Till we meet again. 

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