Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pinedahood in Singapore

Yes, I'm back in Singapore and this time I'm with my siblings and in-laws.  Well, of course I'm with hubby and he is the one getting this picture.  We just arrived and I can't wait to wander the Sing streets again.

Our first itinerary was to let them eat food prepared through steamboats. Honestly, during my first visit, I was amazed with it because they are commonly available on the streets. It was a different experience when I was in Davao. I experienced it in a restaurant, but the taste was totally different. In Singapore, aside from the soup choices, the seafoods are very real like their fish balls and even crab meats taste like a real fish and crab. Big crabs and prawns are unlimited even the fresh vegetables are excellent, but I enjoyed more the Enoki mushrooms. Anyway, if you asked me if they like it, well, a big yes. They love it. It's just that they are expensive for us Davao settlers. Hahahaha

Well, I'll be posting update about our tour guiding job and I hope it will run smoothly as planned.

Good luck to me and hubby!

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