Monday, May 2, 2016

Productive May

When I started my gourmet "tuyo" business, I was nervous back then. I was afraid if others will not be going to like it. I guess it was because I have no formal training in cooking and I just copied what I've learned on the internet. I admit I made revisions of what to put in the bottle, but gladly most of them gave me an approval mark. Well, thank God! My treats already reached in Singapore, Bahrain, London and Cambodia as favors to their fellow Filipino workers.

On the other hand, it's my privilege that I was given a full trust to run an event this coming May 5-8, 2016 in a prestigious mall in General Santos City. It is an event where I'll be selling fresh flowers for Mother's day. I am very thankful that as of this time I was able to contact my own florist and his assistant as well as my three "tinderas" or saleswomen. Of course, in a business it is really important that you know them well so it will not ruin my event and we will have a harmonious relationship throughout.

I know that I'll be busy, but hubby told me that I can manage my busy week this week. He trusts me.☺  Thank you so much 'Tay.

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