Saturday, June 11, 2016


Are you close with your godparents? Unfortunately, I don't remember I had a chance meeting them during my grown up years. All of them were my parents former fellow workers and live far away from home. I am still lucky that my parents were there to guide us in strengthening our faith aside from school.

When I decided to get married, I make sure that I have a godparent who will help us strengthen our marriage. The one we can talk to our struggles that sometimes confusing especially for new couples like us. We need that person, aside from our parents, who will remind us what is really necessary. We were blessed because when we were starting we had our marriage encounter right away. We were sponsored by one of our godparents and we are so grateful how it helps our journey with flying colors. For that, they did a very good job. I want to be like them and it happened as early in our early 40s.

To be honest, I didn't hesitate when I was asked to be รก wedding godparent. I remember how proud I am when my closest friend told me about the idea. It is actually our privilege that they are making us part of their married life. The bride was my former officemate and even we are living far from each other, we make it a point to see each other as possible. My husband would always describe our team as happy people and I am definitely in a good company. Yes, he loves my friends and he is also willing to be part of the family that is why he agreed.

I hope that God will give us wisdom and be a good example of our godchildren. We will try to help them live a meaningful married life with us through the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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