Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hello Twenty-Seventeen!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope everybody is well today. But, in spite of the challenges we are facing right now I know we are still blessed to be alive today, right?

Honestly, I feel bad today. I just lost my dog and my other Belgian puppy is due to amputation. Call me weird, but my dogs are part of the family. Aside from clinic bills, I am worried as well that my puppy will not grow normal like other dogs do. But, on the lighter side, I am happy that hubby and I are willing to attend his needs and we will be there for him no matter what. We are Boogie2 angels here on earth! Hehehe

I have many goals to attain this year and I know you do as well. Obstacles will come our way, but with God nothing is impossible. For this year, I bought my 2017 devotional to guide me this year along with my Bible. I believe that God has all the answers to everything I face in this complex world of ours.

This is tried and tested. Hahahaha..Kidding aside, it helps me to become more positive and more grateful in life. ☺

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